Time Out Chicago - April, 2006

"To meet the wizardlike demands of the paper-generating machine within a modest budget, the Violet Hour team employed crack tech geek G. Warren Stiles (who works regularly with the House Theatre)."

Chicago Tribune - Oct, 2006

"Visual artist Warren Stiles' "Metamorphosis in Bronze" features a Sherlock Holmes-like fellow clambering about a small tower of old chairs, using a magnifying glass to examine the antique drawings of insects in various larval stages attached around the tower."

"[T]he intricate visual textures on display . . . through this wonderland offers distinct pleasures."

Barnstable Patriot - Aug, 2008

"A dingy living room set, designed carefully by G. Warren Stiles, reflects Beatrice’s despair: Windows are covered with yellowing newspapers, doorways with frayed curtains instead of doors.
Hope, it seems, has fled from Bea’s home the same way her daughters attempt to do."

Times Union - Jan, 2014

"[T]he second act, set mainly as Mike’s posh home, you appreciate the intelligence of the design . . ."

Time Out New York - Sept, 2011

"The entire cast, sprawled across G. Warren Stiles's clever modern set, is commendably clear in both speech and action."    

"This young company is not just promising: It's delivering."

TheaterMania - Sept 2011

"Set and props designer G. Warren Stiles has done admirable work..."

Impacto Latin News - Oct, 2014

"Cómo de admiración son tambien la funcional escenografía de [G. Warren Stiles], donde nos recordaba que no solo el mundo se derrumbaba dentro del apartamento de Canjilon sino también a sus alrrededores."

Barnstable Patriot - July, 2009

"High praise goes to scenic designer G. Warren Stiles for his fantastic set, and to costume designer Jennifer Salter for capturing the period of the play with timely attire."

Barnstable Patriot - Aug, 2009

"[T]he show is greatly enhanced by simple but effective sets by scenic designer G. Warren Stiles . . ."

The Inexplicable Dumb Show - May, 2010

"This week we have an interview with scenic designer, draftsman, and photoshop guru…G. Warren Stiles."

Southern Theatre - Winter, 2012

Two former Ohio University performance photography students now use those skills in New York, shooting sets and lighting for Broadway designers while also working as scenic designers and assistants themselves. Below, they share their stories and insights on best practices for performance photography

Theater Scene - Nov 2014

"Set designer G. Warren Stiles’ Big Top representation fabulously creates an authentic looking circus landscape."

NYTheater Now - Nov ,2014

"Lerer's production is miraculous, abetted by strong designs by Anna Libbie Grossman (sound), Darielle Shandler (lighting), G. Warren Stiles (set) and Carolyn Toner (costumes)."

G. Warren Stiles

Scenic Designer

Barnstable Patriot - June, 2008

"Though scenic designer G. Warren Stiles kept the set simple, it works well, capturing that NYC vibe. Enhancing the set work is masterful lighting by Kent Cubbage, including a detailed representation of light shining from high-rise windows at night."

NY Theatre - Aug, 2013

"G. Warren Stiles must be commended for this sleek perfectly poised set! In fact, the entire design team has created a seamlessly polished aesthetic that allows the audience to focus exclusively on the story."

Stage & Cinema - Oct, 2012

“Production values are also outstanding across the board, with a sturdy set – featuring the obligatory Romeo and Juliet balcony – by G. Warren Stiles; gorgeous period costumes by Kristine Koury...”

Backstage - Oct, 2012

"Kristine Koury’s impressive period costumes pop beautifully against set designer G. Warren Stiles’s handsome mockup of an Elizabethan stage

Huffington Post - Oct 2012

"​G. Warren Stiles's set is beautifully utilized..."

Door County Advocate - Sept, 2013

"The cozy feeling of the show is enhanced by the wonderful set of G. Warren Stiles, who recreates a working class kitchen perfectly, right down to the plates on the walls."

In the Press

Barnstable Patriot - July, 2008

"Kudos to the set and scenic designers G. Warren Stiles . . . for a clever mix of venues . . ."

Barnstable Patriot - Aug, 2008

"The behind-the-scenes folks deserve kudos, as well, for their impressive work. The set, three two-story buildings designed by G. Warren Stiles, is clever and well-painted."

USITT Sightlines - March, 2010

"Peter Beudert remarked that Mr. Stiles' "scenic designs represent a wide variety of style, material use, and scale. Mr. Stiles is an individual of great talent and skill."

Stage Directions - March, 2010

The USITT Young Designers and Technicians 2010 Award in Scenic Design will be given to G. Warren Stiles, a graduate student from Ohio University.

Theasy - Oct, 2013

"On a set that looks straight out of Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark (I mean that as a compliment), New York Shakespeare Exchange has created an excellent contemporary Othello." 

"The beautiful and effective lighting by Daniel Winters, and the dark web-esque cityscape by G. Warren Stiles, both highlight [the theme of innocence and guilt.]"

Classical Voice of North Carolina - April, 2012

"G.Warren Stiles' set proved aesthetic and versatile, with several levels and a brilliant revolving platform to indicate changes in time and place."

Indy Week - Dec, 2012

"Best Set Design . . . G. Warren Stiles, Jude the Obscure, BC"